-Sandeep Dhall

Ye nature, how were you created ?
You never said a word about it;
We play in your lap from birth to death,
But never come to know about it!

Did God ever cite to you,
How you would be;
Nature outside and nature within,
You never stop changing.

Annals of history say,
Nature doth change in human;
But what I see today,
Is so inhuman!

He smiles at some ,
To make impression;
But then prepares a plan ,
To take those for their destruction.

He laughs at friends,
To show the devil within;
And the opposite sex,
Falls after him.

Those are men,
Rightly called hypocrites;
As they criticize others,
And enjoy doing it.

But there are men,
Those who are right;
But naturally,
Are the most unpopular type.

Ye nature I plea,
Doth not play such a game;
Cuz it causes many,
To suffer the pain…..

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