What's happening to me?

I've changed. Lets face the fact. I am not that cute, chubby, mama's pet kinda boy no more. Well at least, most of me is not. Though I have people complaining left and right about it but I believe at some level they too are glad because in the bigger picture, that's what is supposed to happen. Come to think of it, its quite similar to that of an insect in terms of the fact that both of our species have to shed their protective cocoons and become what we are in the world. I believe it is the time for me to spread out my wings and try them out for the first time.

Childhood, and for that matter teenage too, is a wonderful place to be. But it would be insane to dwell in it for too long for then it would lose its charm. It seems to be life's irony that the most important phases of our lives are also the most carefree of them all. Maybe thats what makes it so important. Make a swing for anything and everything, revel on the hits and learn from the misses. Maybe thats the time for experimenting and finding out who you are expected to be and who you really are. Parents probably play the single most influential role in these formative years of a individual and I believe each and every one of them do their job as they deem best. Now I am in no place to comment on that side of the court. All I want to say is that accepting that perfection is non-existant is the closest one can get to it and I am glad my parents did what they did.

Coming back to me, in my childhood I was a person I no longer associate with myself. I was, in a manner of speaking, too good. Don't misunderstand this as a complaint. No. The person I was was perfectly normal. In fact, I still meet these kind of people everyday and everywhere. But it simply was'nt me! Now thanks to the aforemontioned phases, I seem to be getting a faint idea of who I really am. I understand that I have been a constant cause of worry for those who hold me dear and I apologise for the suffering they went through. I also know that this pain may continue until they accept me as I am, and not what I was. For those profoundly jolted by this piece, relax. The two me's I keep talking about are not that different. Think of it as a central me surrounded by various extentions. I have just re-adjusted and re-alligned some of my extentions. In the process, some traits were left behind and some were tinkered with while some new ones were picked up. Maybe this is what evolution looks like in microscopic view.

Okay people, I have been officially brainstorming over this piece for 1 hour and 4 minutes and the fire in my belly has somewhat simmered down. More on 'me' later.

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