My Bebo

I kiss you gently on the forehead,
tuck you snug in the bed spread.

I lightly brush your hair back,
my fingers feeling their soft matte.

I whisper a prayer to make you well,
for a moment pause and savor the smell.

Finally I take a snap in my mind,
and leave wishing you a very goodnight...

Thou shall not twitter....sez who?

Oh I don't know....

Seems the multi-monthed self-deployed sabbatical I have been in combined with the irresistible forces of the home page of twitter and with a hint of something in today's mood has sparked off something in me....

A promise of self-evaluation, a whisper of harder and yet better times to come, an apocalyptic eye-opener, or as Zac would put it - the start of something new!

Frankly I don't even know what to blog about. And maybe this inherent and amusing drive to blog about only the meaningful is what has kept me off for so long...

Whatever it be, today is a new day and tonight shall be a new night.

Wondering if I am drunk?

maybe...maybe not....

...depends on whether or not you consider being LOVE DRUNK illegal!!

Yeah baby! am back!!.......and this time.....its two of us

More later.....toodles :)