TRENDSUP everyone!

Okies people,
A friend of a friend of mine has made this cute little website something on the lines of orkut.....well haven't really put it under the microscope yet, but it seemed decent and by what I have heard, apparently the photo security feature prevents anyone from copying and saving profile pictures! So you know what to do....go check it out!

Fast Birdie!

Got this great piece from here.

If you could...

If you could hear the way my heart beats
If you could listen to what my eyes say
If you could feel the way that I feel
If you could make my soul sway

If you could reveal the desires within you
If you could forget what others say
If you could be more passionate about me
If you could just believe what may

If you could live right in the moment
If you could somehow pave the way
If you could sense the evil within me
If you could still by my side stay

If you could see what I want for you
If you could shed tears for my sake
If you could just feel it within you
If you could understand my mind state


Hey people, Well, right now I am relishing the beautiful life at home and as my soul is not far removed from art, I decided to help my mum with some decorative items she was making. We had lots of old wedding invitation cards at our disposal and I must say I was pleased with the outcome.....please do give your comments too:


Eyes burning with passion,
lips sedated;
mind slave of fashion,
heart confiscated.

Swaggering catwalk,
feline smile;
lusty buttocks,
alluring canines.

Revealing jagger,
empress of time;
concealed dagger,
beauty divine.

Sweet juicy candies,
eternal lure;
innocent bystander,
lovingly yours.

Hellish mischief,
upon a humble pawn;
agonising pleasure,
does fate demand.

Invigorate thy amore,
feast upon mine;
but torment me no more,
virulent swine.

Take my vital fluid,
and suck me dry;
experience eternal mirth,
just let me die.