A Love Poem, I hope.

Hey people...

A very happy though belated Valentine's Day to all!

Though it seems to be so cliche, I desperately wanted to put up a so-called 'love poem' here on V-day. However a big occupational hazard with this side of the moon is that these things just come to you, you can't call it. Elaborating using my English teacher's words: "This is the time when Muse decides to descend upon you." You just can't do anything about it. So the day came and went with my blog drier than a mirage. However felt a bit poetic today and willed myself on to scribble this piece. I confess it not being my best till date, yet it seems to have come out rather better than usual. So without further ado, let me present...


Look at a rose,
and you shall see me.

Not in the petals,
cause thats your lips.
Seductively beautiful,
yet serenely pure.

Not in the sepals,
cause thats your smile.
Radiating outwards,
beauty redefined.

Not in the core,
cause thats your heart.
Deeply protected,
yet room for all.

But in the thorns,
right by your side.
Though not ornate,
yet with you always.