January Winter This Year

Winter, oh winter
What darkness you have brought
So gray all the way
And fights couldn't stop
Even your merry christmas
Couldn't bring a little pause.
So sad that you sob now,
And leaving us all apart.
We waited a whole year
With dreams and wishes
To play with your colourless snow
And its time that I will be wedded.
Please dont go away
Please don't sob with pain
The humanity its destroyed I know
But some how we can save our way.
Men are fool I guess
Ain't even know
What they are paying to fake.
But I pray to you
Dont go away
Please dont sob with pain.
Please fix this world once again
Not with tsunami or hurricane
But little peace we are left
And for the ones
World is still a better place.
Winter, oh winter
Please don't go away.