Does the internet know who I am?


Was just going through the new posts of a friend's blog and found some quizzes and tests. Well, I took some. Check them out for yourself:

fun quizzes and meme for blog

Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quiz

Danm it! Where are those seven???

My sex appeal is 7.7 out of 10.
Ladies beware!!!

Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quiz

Hmm...maybe I am living in an alternate reality where everything is not as it seems...or something.

Addictive content in my personality is 81%

Beware!!! people easily get addicted to me

Lets101 Quizzes - online fun quiz

Okay I am past expressions. I just can't deal with so much at a time, you know! So its your I?
Or is this one also designed to make the quiz-taker go bonkers!


Lets101 - Free Online Dating Network

Okay I concede....this one's not that bad. Actually! I do like blogging.

Oh by the way, the post where I found these and many more can be found here.

Your First Song

Your first song
came as a sweet blow of wind
and took my heart away in the end
it was soothing to my ears
as while listening to it my heart shifted gears
it was like a sweet journey of life
for which I was waiting since while
it was like those mushy grains of sand
which flows everywhere on waves' command
it was like a star-studded moonlit night
when it showers on us its glowing delight
it was like a smooth foggy morning
when dew drops kisses the leaves in the spring
it was like an innocent aroma of soil after rain
which I wish to hear again, and again and again
your first song was just a punishment for you
but for me it was a lifetime dream come true
your song was a music to my ears
which I am not gonna forget for infinite years
now I wish for one thing dear
keep that sweet voice close to my ear.

The above piece is a soft, heart-warming piece of art by a very close friend of mine. Going through it people, you would be hard pressed to believe me if I tell you, that its just his second poem!

Beautiful Lamentations

As the coach slowly chugged away,
seperating us with the vice-strong grip of certainty,
all I could do was stay,
as I died inside and our life together flashed by in front of me.

I guess it all started the day I first met you.
Do you remember that sudden downpour I stupidly dragged both of us into,
or that simple papier-mache face that I said I had made for you?
Do you still believe that my imitations are funny?
And will you smile, thinking of me when the days get a bit sunny?

Will you cherish those frequent trips to the beach,
and how we used to prepare 'the devil's speech'?
Will you think of me when you speak the magical words "I do",
and do you still count the number of times we've said "me too"?

God! I never knew that I would miss you so much.
I wish I had told you... but I think you know it as such.
There never was a sadder moment in my life,
than the time I had to stand and watch you cry.

But when I saw my pain reflected in your tear-streaked eyes,
I knew that my time with you would not end with these goodbyes.
Though now it would seem like there's this big void inside,
I'm sure we'll meet again, somewhere, sometime.

When you left, I know you felt something inside you snap
and which I'm sure you'll never know how to patch.
But you just hold on baby doll like you always do,
because I tell you now, I'll always be there for you.