Mr. SaAn's Wakeup Call

She's the phoenix in the fire.
She's got the look of desire.
She's jus' stuck up in this satire.
Oh yeah!

She's the shady, she's the slayer.
She's lookin for the player.
She's a punishing displayer.
Oh yeah!

When she looks into your eyes,
she doesn't need any spies.
There's no strong enough disguise.
From her!

You better look around the corner,
and glance back o'er your shoulder.
'coz death can't be much colder.
Than this!

'Coz am'a climb up on the roof,
and shout aloud the proof.
This ain't just another goof.
For you!

Now you're running for your lives,
like chased by angry hives,
and there's fear in your eyes.
Oh yeah!

You can't find any shelter,
Jus' running helter skelter,
Getting hotter than a smelter.
Poor guy!

She strikes you down like a thunder,
You're falling for your blunder,
Your world has gone asunder.
Right now!

You look up to the skies,
You're practically senile,
You pray for a rewind.
Oh no!

And then your eyes snap wide open,
You're weepin' and you're broken,
This is another token,
To you!

So start cleanin' up your act,
'coz you don' want us to react,
And this is a simple fact.
So true!