Woeful Lamentations

I open my eyes
and they see
your heart rife
with deception and vice.

I allow my ears
and they hear
your sweetened lies
which I now fear.

I try to breathe
in the foul air
reeking with
your sounds of despair.

My lips yearn
to break free
to be able to reveal
the real me.

My heart beats
in the scathing heat
craving for
desires unfulfilled.

My hands reach out
trying to sneak out
from this cage of yours
that I am imprisoned in.

I tread softly
with my bleeding feet
on the thorny path
that you left for me.

I try to reason
with my shackled mind
attempting to deal with
the aftermath you left behind.

I try to constrain
my impulsive rage
when I feel your trace
in any embrace.

I see shades of gray
when I see a body sway
moving on the floor
the ultimate way.

You leave me searching
for the girl I once loved
for the smile I was denied
for the reason why I cried.

1 comment:

venus said...


its very original and so very beautiful. u r changing as a poet .. gud.

keep writing!