Prick Me Not, My Lovely Rose

- stirred back to life by 'La Cleora Ortiz'

As the shiny morning rays
gently caress your surreal waves
O' my beauty! O' my life!
you run me through, you make me smile.
I step outside and take a while
to dip into your pool divine
"Blesseth be thy lord above"
to let me have this gift of love.
In the gentle breeze you sway
lifting my spirit in a million ways.
Your sublime beauty with me stays,
takes me high, paves the way.
In this crimson aura I lust
everyday from dawn to dusk.

But as the silver moon smears
shiny sparkles on your million tears,
a thought fills my head with dismay
'will there be another such day?'
Dark clouds loom overhead
making me restless in my bed.
The thing of beauty, a joyous sight,
maybe may not, but then just might.
Boards creak as I make haste
not another moment I shall waste.
Labored on albeit a smile
to and fro, went a million times.
Till again the golden fingers play
on the Birchwood lying astray,
and all the seven heavens glowed
beaming down on your new abode.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Picked you once
Will Pick you again,
Every stage you're mine
Pick you in lost fate
will Pick you when I cry
The sorrowful dismay
will never let me sway behind
I will pick you once
I will pick you fine
I pick you always
in shadow and shine.

You're thorn closest to me
You said you promised
you'll protect me
Stranger be not, my protector.
prick will hurt in silent shutter.
Hurt you once, hurt you fine
pain I feel in lonely eyes.
Picked you once, will pick you twice
pick you always my only spike