The Burgundy Butterfly

In this life and the next
even throughout all the rest,
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
its all just a matter of time.
Girl I love you, yes I do.
That's why whenever you're blue
I see the tears you hide inside
ones that escape, I try to wipe
To keep you safe, I always try
but sometimes I lose it, sometimes I cry
sometimes I wish that I just die
just to show you what I feel inside
there is nothing that I wouldn't try.
But that's all I ever seem to do
try and try harder to deserve you.
Guess you're right and I was wrong
and that's why I am writing this song.
You are my one and I was yours,
the guy who used to make your blood course.
He lost his smile, he lost his rhyme,
he lost himself over a period of time.
We were happy, we were fine
but he wanted just a little time.
You see, I still shudder inside
every time I remember that night
scars and bruises heal over time
and this one here is taking its time.
You shouldn't blame yourself for it
it was just something I did.
After the night the clouds had roared
never again my spirit soared.
Unicorn murderer, he had sinned
and I knew I couldn't live with him
that's why now all that's left of him
is a vague blur with scars that scream within.
But in this process I just skipped
one essential fact that simply rips
apart this whole diabolical scheme
of why I did what I did
and who the real enemy is.
You see it was he and not me
who swept you off your feet,
for whom your violin strung,
for whom the birds and bees
flew around overhead
blessing eternal peace.
I know that now,
known it for a few days,
thought about it
and can put it all on replay.
But this time around
I wanna do it the right way.
Don't misinterpret me, know
we're both part of this relay.
Am gonna be him
gonna resurrect him from his grave.
He's young and foolish
but his path we shall pave
together, now and forever,
just stay with us come what may.


Deepika said...

ah! how i wish it were the phoenix!

great new look!


Sir Charlemagne said... could have...but then it would not be a response to a poem by my wife-to-be:

Check out here poem!!!

La Cleora Ortiz said...

Tuesday morning was a reply to The Burgundy Butterfly but Wednesday night we realize always it doesn't need a spell to break to depart.

Sir Charlemagne said...

Nor does it always take two to mend broken hearts

Deepika said...

but isnt Love meant to wash away all kinds of "doubt"? then why is it that both the pieces reek so much of "self-doubt" and "self retribution"?

just a thought, sorry for barging in!

hey but it was a great piece of news anyways!

good luck and cheers!

La Cleora Ortiz said...

A wretched ship can't be brought back to shore
and if it does The Count would be beneath it's core
survival becomes an impossibility in his presence
then news is not so unbelievable to be absent.