Me...a rapper?

Okay people, phew, it is, my very first rap song. For those who can't make a head or tail out of it, I suggest some Eminem. For others, read on:


They call me white rabbit.
I write great songs
and people jus wanna have it.
They don't give a shit
who, where or with what
I am hit.
They jus like the songs
that I rap about,
even though I wrap around
all the shit
that gets thrown about.
But time for a flashback now.
You're wrong
if you think you know how,
I came around to rappin
and makin people crowd.
I am a psycho.
Yeah! you thought you knew any better.
One day I got a letter sayin,
"Hey rabbit, it ain't your fault.
Its just this fucked up world
that makes me sick and screws us all.
Am gonna hold your hand,
now am gonna lead the path.
I'll make you famous
and in return,
just make me laugh."
Poor me!
How was I supposed to know
this person was more fucked up
than I could ever be.
that just sounds too lenient;
a word dreamt up by people
who've never known pain beyond a penitence.
Death incarnate sounds like
stealing candy from a kid.
But my shit,
was much more than what all this could ever be.
Reeling in perpetual agony
was my life's only upside.
There never was
and never will be another side.
Chaotic vengeance
is all that I can think about,
when I pause in my path
turn back and look around.
Having this tumour in my head
unleashes the bloodthrirsty me,
the sole compunctionless leader
of this gory army.
It is now at this point
that I have decided
to pull my hands away
and thats why it is in you
that I have confided.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Please stand up and cheer as always
coz I have reached the crescendo
and am gonna solve this.
Please do not leave your seats before the final act,
and the weak of heart
don't follow me to hell if you can.
Now I slip this noose around my neck
and bid you farewell.
Thank you for your patience one last time.
Singning off,
yours truely,
white rabbit.

And um...., a notice: The character 'White Rabbit' is taken from the movie '8 Mile' and the letter mentioned does not, in any way, connect to the one I got recently in real life.


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