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Hey there,
For all those people who are going ga-ga over my simple moronic verses...I present the work of a pro(if he choses to be). Beautiful lines from the heart and mind of an even more beautiful soul...the poems of my dear friend-Sandeep Dhall:

                                                  -Sandeep Dhall

When I look back the pages of 2002,
I still remember the day when I met you;
You were calm you were soft,
And as I know we both longed to talk.

Our friendship then grew like a tree in the spring,
With each new leaf to sing and say something;
Sometimes a wind that did not like the flower bloom,
Tried to shake so that it left its bosom;
But the bond of friendship was so tight,
That it never did allow the wind come inside.

Its been days where have you been?
The words are all gone, which time too has seen;
Staring at your face I see a past ,
Which still haunts me with an impact too vast!

The road where we split up,
Is paved with the things I didn’t say;
But what could I do,
So I stayed in my way.

I talked with strangers who didn’t feel my pain,
And passed on like rangers letting my pain flow in vain;
The past of which today I smile to think,
But those evergreen thoughts do really sting.

The words are all gone ,
The times been too long;
But its not too late to say,
I’m sorry to a friend.

I don’t know where to start,
As I have got so much to tell;
Maybe I’ll find a way,
Maybe you’ll help me;

Cuz friends like us should not be apart
And I’m sorry to a friend
Well now then don’t be a Brat.

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