-Sandeep Dhall

Please Mama, I want to go to school,
Oh! Son but its really soon.
I said these words when I was a kid…

Looking at my seniors go to school,
Laughing, taking, discussing and what not did they do;
With their friends always on their side,
Even I did feel that sense of security at every point.

The school as an element,
And the stories about students, revolving around it;
With every passing year,
Having something new in store for me.

I always longed to be a senior,
Obviously to rule over the juniors;
Cuz at those very moments ,
I was unaware of my future.

The day came when I was a senior
Ready to go for proms , dates and party along;
With friends friends and friends,
Hovering all around.

When the days are numbered,
To the day of our separation;
One by one, we realized
That there was something called fate;
The fate that was written
To take us to a whole new alienated world.

At that moment I realized,
That “life should not be spent
counting the number of breaths one takes,
but the precious moments
that takes his breath away”;

Tears rolled down my eyes,
When I missed those days;
Thinking about those lost moments,
When I didn’t talk to my best friends out of rage.

I thought to close the worldly doors at my foot,
But I didn’t know that there were some to whom I meant so much;
Thus I rose to hold my friend’s hand,
Never to let go again.

From school to this shrewd world,
The journey is too long;
The journey started at school,
Unravels the world that is vast and wide;

If one constrains within himself
Never to come out of the shell,
One just passes the years,
And not live the life, that is all wonderful.

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