Beautiful Lamentations

As the coach slowly chugged away,
seperating us with the vice-strong grip of certainty,
all I could do was stay,
as I died inside and our life together flashed by in front of me.

I guess it all started the day I first met you.
Do you remember that sudden downpour I stupidly dragged both of us into,
or that simple papier-mache face that I said I had made for you?
Do you still believe that my imitations are funny?
And will you smile, thinking of me when the days get a bit sunny?

Will you cherish those frequent trips to the beach,
and how we used to prepare 'the devil's speech'?
Will you think of me when you speak the magical words "I do",
and do you still count the number of times we've said "me too"?

God! I never knew that I would miss you so much.
I wish I had told you... but I think you know it as such.
There never was a sadder moment in my life,
than the time I had to stand and watch you cry.

But when I saw my pain reflected in your tear-streaked eyes,
I knew that my time with you would not end with these goodbyes.
Though now it would seem like there's this big void inside,
I'm sure we'll meet again, somewhere, sometime.

When you left, I know you felt something inside you snap
and which I'm sure you'll never know how to patch.
But you just hold on baby doll like you always do,
because I tell you now, I'll always be there for you.


Amit said...

its classy and awesome like ur other creations......u inspire me dude!!!!

Sharky said...

Good One and yes it for sure brought back some memories!!!

nitiksh said...

gr8 work.........cudnt hv been said in a better way........
luking forward at this space for more

preeti said...

Its awesome very very emotional ravishu plz never write things like this else it would really difficult for us move on life ,we never understood the importance of those days n now its too late to understand anywys keep writing dudu u kno i luv u n ur wrting byeeeeeeeee tube light just remebering old days

Krrunch said...

outright masterpiece...

interstellaroverdrive said...

awesome work...u should write more....

Prakash said...

Its really strange that sometimes few words can describe tons of emotions . No wonder such writings are so heavy ... absolutely loaded with feelings and indeed it demands a lot of guts to go through the entire writing !

Ravishu .. i tell you one thing ... if you write such articles and ask for comments ... i can only say ... "I am speechless"

Nirmal said...

aacha hai..infact bahut aacha hai..very well put...carry on..

Akanksha said...

Loved it...very sweet...

La Cleora Ortiz said...

Well like unusual am replying, sorry commentin' your poem not with another. Its exceptionally beautiful, this kinda creativity is very rare these days with you. I bet you, its depends on who aspire you. Read and goin' through such creativity of yours, deep inside it feels to bless you for your beauty, that you bring to the world with your Gifted quality, deep inside the heart cries to bless you with the generosity and the kindness possible, deep down the heart weeps to tear down the separation of time and walls and all the forces work together to bring you closer to the love you found and lost once upon a time.
Am neither your bff nor sure to be your soul-mate, but in the premises you're standin' right now I now understand why some felt so defending and outrageous to take you out of somewhere you suppose you belong. Some of your pieces that you've already contributed are so precious that you hardly can do better than what you did. Its so perfect that nothin' can be compared to this.

With sadness and joy I salute you.
Hats off to you Sir Magnum.