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Hmmm, much better!

Okay! The explanation.

Well frankly I believe I am going nuts. Or rather, my college is driving me nuts.

Rest later!

Shiver me timbers!

The world is changing, and I am a part of it. There be no denying that. The bad is the new good, and the good has become the new bad. There be no right and wrong in this world. What matters is what you do and whom you do it with. Send the morality of things to the gallows and keep it simple. Complications are, by and large, unnecessary and unwanted. Take what you can and give nothing back 'cause loony lummoxes rule the age. Innocence is naught but a hazy memory, a pleasant yet unaccounted for thought, its last vestiges left buried deep inside none but the very ancient bedtime stories. The deranged gimmicks of intellectually warped minds is all that remains. The faint yet warm fingers of true love shine through at random places, fighting a lost battle, from under the ever darkening envelope of lust. Avast! There be nothing left for us to do but weigh anchor, hoist the sails and let the winds of time blow our bones away.

Feathered Friend Revisits

Aloha mates!

So our feathered friend dropped by for a day or two (I hope) and though he/she was a shy bugger, this time I caught some photographic evidence of the apparent generosity of our hearts.

Those needing further insights, click here.

Rosy thoughts

My feet don't need a map as I trace the oft-travelled paths around my home, wake-walking in a perpetual state of melancholy intellectual sleep, pondering over nothing in particular and everything in general. I was in one of these walks, when my thought train was snapped back to reality with a strange sound, a defiant crunch with a definite hint of ever-lasting softness, a sound hardly heard in the humdrum cacophony of city life but yet somehow reverberating throughout the fabric of one's spiritual existance. I glanced down and found a very distraught looking tiny rosebud, its delicate petals yet to open, smothered all over by the grime of city streets.

The corners of my mouth twitched as I remembered the not-so long past 'rose day'. The inherent idea of plundering something so beautiful and serene, just for the inexplicably moronic ordeal of presenting it to a loved one, is fraught with a despicable sense of affection. Though I appreciate the underlying sentiment running in this practice, I would certainly frown my eyes out if every Tom, Dick and Harry got a bunchful just for the sake of it! My heart went out to the innocence this tiny sapling exuded as I pruned the fouled wings.

It is not the rose's fault that its beauty, though paralleled by many others, has come to symbolise a feeling whose roots themself lie in unquestioned affection. To think that someone must have loved it intensely for a day, and then just unceremoniously dumped it into the waste in the morning was simply painful. If only these tiny things had ears and could listen to all the affectionate words being woven around them, even if for a single day, maybe it would have eased their passing on. An article I had read about 'green weddings', wherein these frivolous wastages of nature's beautiful gifts are scorned at, came unbidden to my mind.

If only the world grew wiser!

Mt. Daily Everest

Though I know I can't afford to, yet I sit idle on my bed. My opaque eyes stare intently on a spot right in front of me, perhaps waiting for someone to materialize out of thin air. Apparently the tiny electrical messengers responsible for trans-neuron communication in my body have had enough and called it quits. I imagine the life flowing through me slowly seeping out into the nature from whence it came, mingling merrily with the mother of all existance. I wonder, "Am I brain dead then?"

In response, my brain conjures up random images from fact and fiction. People I've been with scream for attention among the multitudes of fictional characters my mind was forced to toy with for all these years. Actuality catches up with lightning speed and soon I close my eyes, the pain of an unsupervised and overworking mind being just too much for me. Frantically I search for a subject to focus my line of thought on, going from one to another, and ultimately increasing my agony multifold. The thought of the most sought after medicine comes unbidden and I gain a new-found understanding for occasional drinkers.

But its too late in the night, as it always is, for any ammends on that frontier. Now a desperation envelopes me as I blink away the moisture threatening to spill over onto my cheek, and bludgeon the frail mouse button multiple times in hopes of getting a way out of this insanity. Roaming the random streets of the web of all webs, I stumble onwards in a frightening state of stupor, grabbing onto the iota of belief that someone I know may be there somewhere, willing to hear me out, willing to pat my back assuringly and maybe, just maybe grab my hand and rescue me from my own mind.

Serendipity takes me to a social networking site I know to be teeming with familiar faces. "Blasted examinations!", I snigger, "You can keep people offline but you can't erase the traces of their online presence." Some random clicks and punches later, the condition somewhat subsides and I slowly return to my own self. Marvelling about the effect a few familiar faces can have on a bereaved mind, I stumble across a picture which makes me think about what exactly have I become? It admonishes people for sticking their noses where they should not be and calls them losers. Though recuperating, a new seed sprouts in my mind, it races to overkill, and in no time, I am back where I started.

Heaving a sigh, I shudder as the torture sequence starts all over again. I silently acknowledge defeat and reach out for the magic pills ensuring me a baby's sleep. "Yet another day's battle lost, yet another one to come soon." The last thoughts before I drift into an artificially induced yet peaceful reprieve is that whoever said it wasn't joking, that a mind is a dangerous neighbourhood to be in and one should not roam its streets alone.

Me...a rapper?

Okay people, phew, it is, my very first rap song. For those who can't make a head or tail out of it, I suggest some Eminem. For others, read on:


They call me white rabbit.
I write great songs
and people jus wanna have it.
They don't give a shit
who, where or with what
I am hit.
They jus like the songs
that I rap about,
even though I wrap around
all the shit
that gets thrown about.
But time for a flashback now.
You're wrong
if you think you know how,
I came around to rappin
and makin people crowd.
I am a psycho.
Yeah! you thought you knew any better.
One day I got a letter sayin,
"Hey rabbit, it ain't your fault.
Its just this fucked up world
that makes me sick and screws us all.
Am gonna hold your hand,
now am gonna lead the path.
I'll make you famous
and in return,
just make me laugh."
Poor me!
How was I supposed to know
this person was more fucked up
than I could ever be.
that just sounds too lenient;
a word dreamt up by people
who've never known pain beyond a penitence.
Death incarnate sounds like
stealing candy from a kid.
But my shit,
was much more than what all this could ever be.
Reeling in perpetual agony
was my life's only upside.
There never was
and never will be another side.
Chaotic vengeance
is all that I can think about,
when I pause in my path
turn back and look around.
Having this tumour in my head
unleashes the bloodthrirsty me,
the sole compunctionless leader
of this gory army.
It is now at this point
that I have decided
to pull my hands away
and thats why it is in you
that I have confided.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Please stand up and cheer as always
coz I have reached the crescendo
and am gonna solve this.
Please do not leave your seats before the final act,
and the weak of heart
don't follow me to hell if you can.
Now I slip this noose around my neck
and bid you farewell.
Thank you for your patience one last time.
Singning off,
yours truely,
white rabbit.

And um...., a notice: The character 'White Rabbit' is taken from the movie '8 Mile' and the letter mentioned does not, in any way, connect to the one I got recently in real life.