You know you are bored beyond recovery when...

  • you check your orkut scrapbook every other minute from two different links for new scraps, even though you know that the Gtalk client you are logged onto will intimate you when, if ever, you get a scrapbook entry.

  • you publicly jump up and down with excitement when you think about someone you know.

  • you lie down so still that you actually hear your heart and think about the reasons why you were just jumping.

  • emotions fill you to the brim and you feel like exploding just to release them.

  • you pick up one task after other and get bored of each in about 7-9 seconds.

  • you shut down and restart your laptop multiple times just to see which one happens faster with no attempt to keep track of the time.

  • you lie with your ear to the laptop, listening to the sounds its processor makes.

  • you send missed calls to all your friends just to see who responds.

  • your media player playlist repeatedly alternates between slow love songs and heavy metal beats, none of which are being recorded by your mind.

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