Confounded about the topic? Let me help blow the fog of confusion out of your troubled minds. Determination is not a forte I am usually tagged with. I used to think otherwise until recently when, on the basis of what I have heard, my li'll bro showed me what 'real' determination looked like. However, I did undertake some commitments in my life and am, so to say, determined to see them through. This post is regarding one very important, albeit shunned one-SEX. Now if you have really read this post and are still continuing, I take that either you don't belong to the other extreme of the spectrum which considers sex talks to be harrowing, to say the least, or you are
too inquisitive about me or the topic to let go. Either way, lemme begin.

During school, I considered myself to be good in studies and co-curricular activities. I used to be frequent at debates,quizzes and stuff. That came as a result of another 'determined commitment' but lets leave that story for some other time. OK. So everything was fine until one fine morning I was contacted by our English teacher for a debate being organised in a nearby town by an NGO. It was only after accepting (not that I had a choice) did I get the snatch. The debate was on a very short notice. Of course you might have deduced from the post topic, the topic on debate was "Sex Education". That didn't matter though, as I was too naive to comprehend or worry about it. In fact, initially I had it confused with co-education. Anyways I took it all in a stride and delved into note-making and discussion sessions with our teacher. So on D-Day I was ready for some oral action. I had my butterflies though but they usually accompany me to all oratory competitions. However this one was different. The event was a school success and a personal fiasco rolled into one. I was the only one from my school not only to return empty handed, but also the only one who spoke absolutely nothing. Somehow I just froze up and instead of speaking, all I ever did was stare. That was the moment actually when I decided that I will never ever shun away from sex-talks.

Now to make it clear, one must accept that the world is changing towards being a more free and liberal place. Of course there are varied scattered nodes of conservatism but on a whole, one simply cannot stick his/her head inside sand, with eyes closed shut and pretend that we are naught but docile puppets in thy Lord's hands. Though there never was a time when youngsters were happily oblivious to the existance of genitalia of the opposite sex, they simply pretended innocence lest they should commit some violation and be held responsible in 'Lord's court of justice'. While acts powered by hormonal urges have metamorphed in myriad ways, now is the time when they are no longer considered sins. Every human has needs and it is the vileness of suppressing these bodily desires which leads to invasion of individuals. I have no doubt that human nature is such that the best way to disarm such robbers is to freely allow them to indulge. Don't get me wrong. I am no supporter of rapists. In fact, I ardently stand against them. My point is that it is human tendency to crave for what you want and this craving is heightened when the act itself is forbidden. Of course I realise that for such a utopian society to exist, a prerequisite would be empowerment and that brings us to the topic of discussion.

Sex is something which, one way or another, each of us is eventually supposed to have. It is not only the ultimate expression of love but also the sole primary objective of each life in the bigger picture. What has actually changed over the centuries is the age group of people who lose their virginity. Granted that the earlier system of passing such knowledge worked but in view of evolution, it has to be changed. The ultimate goal of sex education is that individuals should be aware of all its aspects before they indulge. As now younger youngsters are gaining coital pleasures, it is imperative that sex education be popularised in lower age groups. It should be freely discussed on moral, psychological, physical and medial grounds so that people should know beforehand what they are getting into. It is believed that such openness would make people realise the implications of their act and they will feel more responsible. Needless to say, this will also answer some questions pertaining to world population and health. Another strong point is that in today's world one simply cannot control the access youngsters get and information from a reliable source is much better than either its absence or one from croocked cronies.

I think volumes remain to be said on the topic and I will in all centainity do so. However lets stop for now with some food for thought:

“I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was 'the man goes on top and the woman underneath.' For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds.” -Joan Rivers

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