The beginning of it all.

I have to confess.

Chill ppl, nothin serious...

I wud like to inform you that the starting of it all....'the beginning' of this, well, very rarely read blog ws a thought, a vision, an inspiration.
One fine day I was going thru a mail from "warrior of the light  online" (mail list of Paolo Coelho)
It was something about what wud happen if a person choses immortality by chosing to become  a vampire. Well very nice idea Mr. Dracula except one tiny-winy problem. The person choses to be immortal bcause he ' loved the world he lived in'. Eventually he finds the world changes and he's stuck up in da past. This situation goes on upto a time when finally he hates the new world and decides to commit suicide. (HEY CHECK IT OUT...."THE SUICIDAL VAMPIRE")

Well folks, he starts going around in sun, stares at crucifixes, roams around in church, smells a lotta garlic........BANG! ......find that all these stupid things are jus a part of literature n cant do nethin to him...................This very thought was so  so hilarious....(still smile thinkin bout it).
Well, that ws da startin of this blog.

Recently got another mail frm Paolo n decided to share a small excerpt with you all. I really liked these few lines, so here goes:

“Don’t try to be coherent all the time; discover the joy of being a surprise to yourself. Being coherent is having always to wear a tie that matches your socks. It means being obliged to keep tomorrow the same opinions you have today. What about the world, which is always in movement? As long as it doesn’t harm anyone, change your opinion now and again, and contradict yourself without feeling ashamed - you have a right to that! It doesn’t matter what the others may think – because they are going to think that way no matter what.”


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