In the recent past I have had numerous contacts with individuals of this blood-sucking species. In fact, most of you must also have had some contacts too, although you may or may not have realised it. I didn't know they were so ferocious while I was under the protection of hostel premises. However, since I moved out this year I've began to appreciate their various qualities. To have a deeper understanding of our encounters, let me recap a bit for ya:

"Initially, I tried to go after each and every one of them but soon realised the fruitlessness of my hunt. They were extremely manipulative, were quite fast, had strength in numbers and owing to no dearth of hiding places, could pop outta nowhere. Simply put, they were way above my league. I thought about various possible alternatives but few really seemed to work against them. It would do good to remimnd the readers that these are not those creatures goryfied on screen. They were different. Garlics do them no harm, crucifixes are mockable to them and stake, well lets just say their bodies render that method of purging useless.

So now, I just redirect them away to a more unsuspecting victim. But before getting all judgemental you should know that I actually did get a few of them. However the spoils were not upto the work I had to do. In these few cases I had to watch them wither with agony, shiver with pain and see their various attempts to get up and going before they finally let go. I assure the readers it would not make fine table conversation. Apart from the psychological trauma, if their bodies get compromised, they leave behind their mark on the place of their death. Dark blood comes out and mars the aesthetic beauty forever. The blood progressively gets darker and darker until you no longer can recognise it unless you know where it came from. It eats one inside out. And to think of it, its your own blood you are looking at. Blood that used to run in your own veins, blood that was cruelly sucked out of your body against your will and made to what it is now.

Gory as these things seem to be, there really is a brighter side to these mongrels of blood. When bitten by one of them, technically you do not become one of them. Also if a person wants to, with a bent of mind as required and the help of a few weapons of choice can eradicate the earth from these creatures. However I believe such an act to be Godless as no matter what they are, these vile creatures do serve a purpose. And I think to wage war against them just for their, so to say, diability to refrain from lusting on blood would be inhumane."

Dear reader, now that you have wasted a couple of minutes reading the piece of crap I wrote above, think about, re-read it. But this time, you would do well to keep in mind that all I have talked about is "mosquitoes".



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