Charlie and the space factory!

Near future
Charlie gets up in the morning feeling the rhythm of his 'vibra-alarm matress'. He drags himself to the 'disinfection room' and empties his bowels down the 'incinerator shaft' while his body is being disinfected. He then walks to the 'incoming chute' to find his ration of coffee insta-mix waiting. He pics up the cup and feeling his pulse the cup brews the coffee to the required level. He tears off the wrapping and sips on the freshly brewed coffee while walking down the 'apparel chamber'. Depending upon the feedback from the 'mood sensors' the wardrobe computer sprays on his work dress which forms a silk-like veil upon touching his body cells, giving a cloth-like experience. Finally ready to work, he is zoomed to his desk at the 'Pluto Colony A529'.

Nearer future
Charlie's digital alarm clock wakes him up. He crawls to the cleaning room, does his business and takes a cold-steam shower. Coming back, he sips at the mug of coffee prepared by the cooking staff while chosing what to wear to work today. He dresses up and leaves his 'living chamber'. Sliding upon the rolling 'walk-ramp' he reaches 'Exit station 102' just in time to catch the shuttle leaving for 'Asia-Pacific space station 2'. A relatively small journey of a few minutes takes him to his workplace where he achieves full functionality in about 4 minutes.

Nearest future
Charlie's hand shoots out to muffle his old crooner clock. Yawning, he walks down to the bathroom, brushes, uses the loo and takes a shower. Stepping out he makes himself a cuppa coffee and rushes to his wardrobe. Putting on a standard work suit, he leaves the apartment. He takes the freeway to his office, parks his car and walks to his desk where his secretary informs him that he has a visitor. His 'visitor' announces that his application to board the flagship shuttle 'Carmina' has been accepted and next week he is supposed to be visiting a team of Iraqi biologists working on the farms of Mars.

Not surprisingly, this is where "space tourism" is gonna take us!

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