Wear it, Wear these !

Hey ppl,
Since the World AIDS Day just past, I thought that as a law-abiding citizen of the world, I should do my bit of spreadin' awareness. 

Well getting straight to the point, AIDS or Acquired Immuno..blah blah blah....c'mon, you all know this shit...so here's somethin different:

Probably the best way of avoiding AIDS is protection and that means "USE CONDOMS". Now it is definitely no good if packets gather the sands of time in medical stores while youngsters have unprotected sex just because they are too shy to go and ask for a damn condom. So as an awareness program, people are encouraged to look at this latex piece as a commodity without feeling awkward. Here I provide snaps of a couple of beautiful dresses making the above point.

I think you might have guessed/deduced. If not, both dresses are made entirely of condoms!



Shelly said...

Thanks for visiting The View from Here. :)

You have an interesting blog, rather different than most I read, which is a good thing. I did have some trouble reading the green against the mustard background, but that could just be my middle-aged eyes complaining.

You definitely need to get some attention to your blog because I think it's worth reading. I love the condom dresses. I've seen something similar in the past, but these were really pretty ones.

Aside from joining directories and/or blog rings in appropriate categories, link to more blogs you like to read. The links will show up in folks' referrer links if they're used and in their link back stats (ie on Technorati) and out of curiosity, some will visit you. Even if you hadn't asked me to look at your blog, I would've visited. I've been visiting the blog(s) of everyone who comments on my blog if I don't know them already. I'm a curious sort.

So commenting on blogs you like, real comments, not the Come look at my blog ones, that include your link (and on Blogger, that will be there as a profile link if you're logged in, so you don't even need to leave the blog link), could get other curious folks to check out yours. The more relevant and interesting your comments, the more likely someone will think your blog is relevant and interesting, too, and worth looking at.

What I would also do, which is just a suggestion, is rearrange the sidebar a bit to move your About Me info up to be between the photo and your archive links. I would also take out the internet shorthand (the 2s, 4s, etc) because it is a turnoff for many readers. But that's the section that can help sell your blog and it could help to have it above the fold, which means the part of the page that shows without the need to scroll down.

At some point, you might want to switch to a graphic header that would be more eye-catching to the casual "next blog" surfer.

Hope some of this helps. Good luck!

venus said...

Hi dear!
This piece of awareness is good.But any solution given shud be complete.You cud hav added a few more lines telling about other methods that do not need us to avoid so much so called 'embarassment' rather to use commonsense.

Anyways, even this one piece of information was influencial.

keep writing,