My lost friend, found at last!

Hey guys,

Considering objectively, if possible, I claim myself to be a non-traditionist. And whenever there comes an option between classical and western stuff, I always find myself inclining towards the latter. Unfortunately for me, this kind of option rarely presents itself before me. Same was the case when I chose "Instrumental music" as my work experience subject back at school. All my guitar-wielding, head-banging dreams came to an abrupt crash when I was informed that the only option I had was between sitar and tabla.

"Fine!", I exclaimed and threw my hands up. And what began as a somewhat, well not forced, but rather accidental involvement rapidly grew into a fondness hard to put down in words. Now I am not a bad student of music, actually going by the feedback I would rate myself as above average, not much but above nonetheless. I participated in many school functions, instrumental competitions etc. and won many accolades. Actually I would put it down as a result of lack of competition as my strings never gave the same sounds as my ma'am's. I understand that I am raising the bar way over requirements but I really had no one else to compare with. In retrospection, I consider those two years as the most enjoyable learning experience I ever had.

Sigh! Now in college...though I think most people won't laugh at me, well at least not on my face, if I start wielding the instrument again, I don't think it to be possible. Even if I am able to take some time out of my already hectic schedule, I don't have anyone to teach me. I am also ignoring the possibility of being kicked out of my room by my roomie, speaking of whom I would like to acknowledge that it is because of him I sat down to scribble this write-up. He was listening to some, well music if you may say so, and there was this piece being played on a sitar. By coincidence, I entered the room as the piece was just starting and I swear, what I felt would give being received by my family a good run for its money. Felt like meeting a long lost friend unexpectedly in a village fair - with silence all around and just the two of us and nothing to disturb us. It was then and there I said to myself, this has to go down in my blog and so here it is.

Until next time.

Details about sitar in this wikipedia page.

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