Cannibal taste buds!

The news that shocked the nation. Dubbed by the media as 'India's darkest crime ever', the inhuman act of abduction and murder of innocent and young bodies by the two accused has caught the nation unawares. The details remain blurry but what has surfaced is enough for people to proclaim "What kind of a vile creature would perform such a hineous act?" As skeletons after skeletons are being extracted from the slush in the backyard of the accused and the yet uncertain motivational hand swings from organ trade to sexual molestation to cannibalism, anger and disbelief is rife in the heart and minds of the common people. Details of this ghastly crime can be found here.

The media, meanwhile, is having a hay day with stories of past serial killers, dug from the deep archives of yesteryear's newspapers. One interesting piece I came across is the taste of human flesh as documented by a New York Times reporter William Buehler Seabrook, for purely research purposes:

"It was like good, fully developod veal, not young, but not yet beef. It was not like any other meat I have ever tasted....It was mild, good meat with no other sharply defined or characteristic taste such as for instance, goat, high game, and pork have. The steak was slightly tougher than prime veal, a little stringy, but not too tough or stringy to be agreeable edible."

mmm...sounds tasty, doesn't it?

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