A Decade Past...

Long days stretch ahead as I look out of the window and sigh at the merciful thoughts of continuous increments in these kind of days gone by. Apart from the deriliously hectic schedule set by the 'do all for the best' people at college, there is precious little left to be put into these days. No wonder in such an environment, even the darkest of all beacons seem to be like a merry blast of warm sunshine. One such craze spreading like bushfire among friends is one of the latest from the arsenal of EA Sports- Cricket 2007.

Now I used to play the game in the good ol' school days, my mom was really never happy about it. "Can you find anything more lethargic?" Her tirade was unending. Well either her iterations etched the words on my subconcious self, or now I really do see her point, the culmination being that I no longer count myself among the followers of the game, let alone being a fan! But as they say, once a lion, always a lion. When everyone around me started going ga-ga about the game, I decided to give it a shot myself.

The game though moderately enjoyable, seems to be riding upon the wave of despair created by the thunderous placement & training cell of our college. One can see that people have worked hard on it, yet you cannot help but notice some glaring fallouts from the 'turf, willow and leather' form of the game. And I would dare to say that these don't look very lucrative in a country driven to the levels of insanity over the issue.

After playing the game, I kinda drifted down a reverie of old thoughts. Meandering through these often familiar streets, I gasped when a realisation hit me. Before Cricket 2007, my last sojourn in this sector would have to be when we had bought our first desktop back home...Cricket 97. Oh my gosh! Ten real human years have actually past...hmm I guess I'll have to go to bed today with a headache and the memoirs I have just discovered to ponder upon.


PS.What I would like to know is what, if anything, the guys at EA sports are doing about the peculiarities their games have trademarked when being played on a laptop?


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