Atefeh Rajabi Sahaaleh (1988 - August 15, 2004)

Dusk settled in as the sun prepared once again to dip below the horizon and provide a well-earned respite to the harried people of the small roadside town. People scuttled along to their respective homes, some carrying necessary groceries. Fine dust mingled with multiple streams of appetizing smells wafting from a plethora of incommodious cooking spaces giving the air a unique blend. Silence lay heavy over the scene inspite of a multitude of children playfully chiding each other in a peculiar game they were playing while skinny street dogs rummaged a nearby garbage dump. A faint drone could be caught by the ear if one was inclined to do so. Within five minutes, a medium-sized crane came to a rumbling stop at the town square. As if warned by their innate sixth sense, both the children and the dogs scampered off to their respective shelters. Night fell...

A few poultry cocks crowed as golden flagbearers began streaming the skies, warning the nocturnal of the impending sunrise. A mass of townsfolk spread out in the town square, surrounding the metal beast with a sea of silent cloaks. A speeding four-wheeler came to an abrupt halt halfway down the road. A young girl with a voluptuous body and a piercing gaze, followed by two sullen-faced women alighted and started towards the center of attraction. On seeing the popular local beauty, the young men started to cheer and clap. A few extravagant ones also started taking pictures. Disregarding their jibes, the girl reached the crane and climbed the rear platform. A brooding silence spread over the crowd in anticipation of a speech. She apologized to everyone for any harm she might have inflicted and thanked God for giving her a shot at life.

Finally the noose was slipped around her neck and the crane lifted her to heights higher than those achieved by anyone living....

Her crime- She was raped.

If you think this was bad, what happened in real life was much more unjust. The whole story is pieced together in a documentary- "Execution of a teenage girl".

Warning: The documentary below is 45 minutes long! Get the BBC story here.

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