The Lone Teardrop

Sifting through the memories of a lifetime
flashes of wrongs and rights,
inemptitudes and achievements.
Staring back at the blank plastered ceiling
waiting for, listening eagerly for whispers
of my last breath escaping
floating above all dear ones,
through the hospital roof
and into the eternal sunshine.
"Hold on just another day,
for your granddaughter's graduating today"
These lone whispered words
in the voice I so loved
of my soulmate, of my wife
wiping the long tear streaks
on her age-impressed cheeks
reverberated through my worldly demise.
I remember her still fresh life
memories of her sweet, buxom smile,
and her dear daughter, the star of our lives
still learning to navigate through life.
Ah! how quickly does time pass away
why it was just yesterday
when she paddled over to me on all fours
beaming with the brightest of smiles
prodding with her tiny little stubs
blabbering on in her eternal rhymes.
Remembering again, my life that has been
recapturing inside, the sounds and the sights
the moments and memories that I have acquired
I wish to carry along with me to the other side.
I look at them all once more through my hazy eyes
as a single lone tear slides silently but gently,
traversing its short life to the ear from the eye.

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La Cleora Ortiz said...

The speakable silence never whispered back, I tried and tried but can't speak a word. Those feelin' deep inside all comin' back in eyes, tears dropped in silent cries.
Thanks! "The Lone Teardrop" so perfect suited that every time I read it, it gives me a new images of my past moments with my Grandpa, sometimes his words or his silence... The way he teased me and so sometimes tried to console me from my silent cries... the memories I remember from the pages which Dadu, Pom and I shared. Its sweet to have you understand my emotions. Thanks for making me feel, that first time I did something for Dadu. Thanks again!

P.S : Surprise :