Comrade in Thought, Comrade in Mind

Raindrops splatter into static puddles
sliding down dusty window panes,
I suppress a shivering shudder
as I pass some flickering flames.
Darkness hangs heavy overhead
thick mist swirling tiny rivulets,
silent whispers beckon me astray
deep into the frolicy lane.
The staccato echo of my heavy shoes
falter a bit and draw to a pause,
the owl overhead turned to listen
as I risked a tiny side wise glance.
Creepy figures scrunched the gravel
beating to a hypnotic tune,
wispy strands of purple smoke
enticingly demand my senses luke.
Nervously biting the quivering lip
statically I toe the line,
Should I, or should I not?
Oh! its so hard to decide.
Slowly taking a single step
I glanced down the murky aisle,
but instantly the dark spirits
overpowered my pristine mind.
Oh what folly, retreat I must
try to take back that single step,
subconscious the battle thundered away
in the gray street under the dark sky.

Suddenly a touch of love
shattered the invisible bonds so vile,
as I felt the warmth within
of a true friend by my side.
Sweet love melodies flow through me
enveloping me in fetal smile,
elevating me to the level above
it made me see the brilliant sunshine.
I started to feel the goodness within
the beat of my heart, a rhythm divine,
pulsating freedom frisking me through
unchaining me and taking me high.
Gone were the days so dark
nothing left of the creatures of night,
beautiful birds chirped overhead
and people appeared living their lives.
My eyes opened to the beautiful world
and the first thing I saw were her beautiful eyes,
she held my hand in her own
and held my mind with her smile.
She whispered sweet nothings in my head
and told me to walk by her side,
we took a step towards the bright glow
and together we traversed the last green mile.

1 comment:

Deepika said...

"sweet melodies flow through me
enveloping me in fetal smile,"

i like this line...i like the way the word 'fetal' has been used!