The Agony of a Heavy Heart

I walk alone
empty corridors
echoing my rubber soles.
Dead weight of
the pistol in hand
benumbs my senses
its lethal power
quivering, yet still
throbbing heart
restless, but at peace
in ghastly silence
expels a serene breath.

I walk across
the bench where
Haley and I
conquered calculus,
across the court where
had shot some hoops
with the Scott brothers.
Laden feet dragged on
reverberating, shattering
swishy whispers
where Brooke cheered on
and her smell lingers.

"Mea Culpa!"
chill, piercing sonic
slashes away
the shiny lights
with breezy sway.
I look down
and there I lay
head twisted in agony,
mouth agape,
the wound drippin' crimson,
exonerating, but
draining the vitality away.

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