The Exile

Mourn, Oh beauty!
mourn for me
the sun passes
glades golden
gentle breeze
caress and cry
follow me not
softly and gently
come within
remember me
soul bereaved
steady steed
silent wishes
and whispers fly
wave me off
to serene sky
never forget
pray for me
hope against
but test me not
chaste love
and heart yours
tears cry
watch the horizon
wave to me
mourn me not
everlasting beauty,
mourn for me.


Prakash said...

Mourn for me , cause I didnt understand the poem

Ankit Agarwal said...

I too didnt get what you wanted to say....I think that you should have another post in ur blog explaining the poem :D

Deepika said...

echoing similar sentiments as the above two :-)

gosh!! it must b heart breaking to hv dull witted readers like us :D
reason enough to mourn;)

Sir Charlemagne said...

The inability of a reader to get the meaning of a piece does not portray the lacuna in the reader's understanding. Instead it highlights the ineptitude of the writer.

As far as the poem goes, think of an exile...leaving his home country/town...riding on horseback for the very last time...a kinda farewell song...lamenting his separation from his motherland. Think of what he would be saying to the soil, the air, the people of his nation.

La Cleora Ortiz said...

I really didn't understand a word of it... not the poem but the comments, "the simple words flowing through the grass, feeling the waves of breeze passin' the Exile." Hah! going around new poems or listening to classic rock lyrics... how can they understand then? Big question, I mourn.