Barrier breached!

Gloomy and dark days spread across the horizon of my life as I drifted off in melancholy and despair. There was lots to see, but my eyes were blinded. The sweet music of love that once guided me through the muck had gone happily gallivanting with treasures of its own. Faraway voices of my fellow bloggers beckoned from across the darkness. Yes there was so much to write, so much to share. But the trauma had left me scarred and unsettled. Words forming behind my eyes could not make it to my fingertips, hitting some omnipresent barrier within me. Finally a sliver of light pierced through that barrier, puncturing it, ever so slightly, enough to let out a barrage of thoughts, words and what not!

This post (and the next one) is for that benefactor, the evangelist of sorts. Thanks Deepika for all that you did.

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