Delectable Curses (Chapter-5)

Next morning I woke up in my bed. There was'nt a muscle in my body which was'nt crying out in pain against any action forced upon it.

'God! What happened?' I tried recollecting the stray strands of thoughts floating around in my head. I vaguely remembered downing multiple pints of booze, first in anger, then in frustration, and finally due to habit. Multiple simultaneous images of people jumping and screaming all around me exploded in a dazzling array of light flashes inside my head. I groaned as the intense throbbing pain of my head spread all over my body.


I distinctly remembered her face in the melee, not distant, but quite close, too close! I chased the heels of further thoughts as they tunneled deeper and deeper into my brain. Everything was a blur of flesh, light and liquor. My hands flew to test a sore spot on my cheek as memories of being thrown out by the bouncers invaded my vision. But that still did'nt explain my being in bed! Cringing in pain, I tried getting up on my elbow, and momentarily succeeded before crashing down with a muffled thud.

She was there, right besides me, sound asleep! This was too much for me. My vision swam as I turned around and threw up all over my bedside rug...

When I next came to, I could see the sun shining generously throught the half closed curtains. Events came unbidden to my mind as I closed my eyes and prayed for all this to be a dream.

"Bright day, innit?"

My eyes flew wide open as I realised my prayer was left unheard. Searching for the source of the voice, I found her sauntering over to me carrying a steaming hot cup of coffee in one hand and the day's newspaper in the other. Apparently she had been up for quite a while. Hundreds of questions erupted in my mind, all at once! I opened my mouth, but the questions were left jiggling in the back of my throat.

'She is wearing my shirt!'

Giggling sheepishly at my gaping mouth, she sat beside me and thrust the cup into my hands. "What...? And how...?" Was all I could articulate before she planted a kiss on my good cheek and whispered, "Thanks!". Skewing my face, I tried to logic out how in the world I ended up opening Pandora's box of mysteries.

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