Delectable Curses (Chapter-4)

God must be very keenly interested in my case for I did'nt just get a beer, I got the whole frigging club! That sly girl kept the plans from my knowledge till the very last and kinda shoved them up my nose all at once. Seething with resentment, I joined the group at the proposed venue of aggregation quite past the decided time, both as a gesture of disapproval as well as to avoid waiting for anyone else. I was having this incredible feeling that it was not going to be my day and that was not doing my mood any good. There was just the girl and some guy I did'nt know waiting there. After the cursory introductions, I made it a mission to try and scorch that girl with one of my most vicious stares. At least it kept me from cursing out loud about the lax time standands my generation was following. Surprisingly, not long after my arrival, people started trickling in. Stranger still was the fact that there seemed an annoyingly even mix of males and females in our group. Even as the detective in me was stringing together these clues, the moment I was both dreading and looking forward to arrived.

She had donned the skin-tight denims I had so frequently complimented her on. Complementing them was a simple white poncho of sorts and I must admit the plunging neckline bade me to reconcider the decision I had announced in that coffee shop.

'No! Stop it.' I was appalled at the sudden surge of unbidden thoughts sprouting all over my mind. Thankfully the group had sprung into action and we proceeded towards the destination for the night. When we reached there, all my queries lay answered right in front of me. Shouting at me in a mix of neon blue, green and red were the big letters in plain english 'COUPLES NITE'. Despite myself, I smiled at the sheer cunning and ingenuity of the plan. 'Bravo girls!' How was poor me supposed to know that the master plan was far from over?

As soon as we reached the burly bouncers, our group disbanded into couples with a swiftness that made me wonder just how many times this ritual had been practised before. Had it not been for the entwined hands, I would have thought they were going to the morning prayers. 'Wait a minute...entwined hands! You mean, I would have to be all touchy tonight. Now that's gonna be awkward.' That line of thought simply ripped my moral fabric through the middle- one half egging me on with fairly intimate images of the two of us running in front of my eyes, while the other half playing the gentleman and admonishing me for thinking about using a friend for worldly pleasures while having no real love at heart.

I shook my head vigorously to try to clear out the dilemma. When my eyes came back to focus, I found everybody staring at me as you would stare at a disobedient child. Enraged at having drawn so much attention, I roughly grabbed the only set of vacant female hands in the vicinity and started towards the door. I had barely managed a couple of steps when I caught sight of someone in her skin-tight jeans falling in line ahead of us.

'What the...! now I am seeing her everywhere.'

My whole world came crashing down when I turned to find myself holding the hand of a damsel I just vaguely remember being introduced to. Wave after wave of apprehension crashed upon me as I numbly stumbled onwards, just one thought in mind- 'The only two things which can help me right now, alcohol and loud music, are inside.'

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