There was a time
I worked in a gold mine,
toiling hard through the day
sleping harder at night
earning my daily bread
and a bottle of wine.

Then one day
stumbled upon a diamond did I
held it against
my puny lamp's eye
and gaped awestruck,
at the bedazzling light.

No sleep that night
as I pondered upon
what was writ for me
on the sands of time.

Worthless for sure, I assumed.
No golden sparkle could I find.
Precious nevertheless,
held me mesmerised.
I treasured it the most
kept it near my heart.
Lose it I would not
it was mine, it was mine...

Life went on
as it had in the past
albeit with a difference.
Merry was my soul
tranquil my mind
Heart brimming with
a warmth deep inside.

Started appreciatin'
ye mother nature,
her fresh smells and merry sounds
wafting through the shaft
to my working ground.

I saw the yellow sun,
purple haze and the blue sky
Heard the melodious sparrow
singing merrily on a
beautiful birch aisle.
I smelled the soil,
the greens and the mire,
all by lusting upon
this work of art, my pride.

Alas! Vile villainies
of the finger of fate,
split my breast and ripped my heart
tore me from limb to limb
and took me apart.
It wrested my beauty, my love,
snatched it,
and left me helpless.

Hapless and naked
dragged on did I,
hoping to be reunited,
trusting my chaste love
for the only thing of beauty
ever known have I.

Survived those wretched times
not alone did I.
Had the luscious company
of the days gone by,
of the time when I
had my love and my life
by my side.

It has kept me warm an' bright
and am smiling all the time
feeling that beautiful art of nature
trasured in my heart, in my mind.

When I dream at night
I see the love of my life,
drink its warmth
and lust in its light.
My hands reach out
and caress it right,
the thing of beauty
my personal delight!

And if the face of fate
should indeed upon me smile,
all I want, all I wish
is for my love to be mine.
To hold it in my arms,
to bathe in its light,
and to hold on to it again
with all my might.

Phew! Finally wrote a poem years after my previous one. Hope its upto the standard. It really is a special one and would really like some comments.

See you later.


Neelu said...

hi ishu,
This one is really nice.

divya said...

To say u truely,i think its one of ur best poem.liked it very much... won't say much..otherwise again i have to hear from ur side that i have exaggerated it...good one.

Priyanka said...

hi ishu ....
well just a single word to say... "SUPERB"...

Dar said...

I loved it. Happened upon your blog and really enjoy what you have to say. Good to see such talented young people. Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

nice yar...i really liked it... great piece of work...

Anonymous said...

A Love can let you speak passionate words out the heart, a love can let you die a dreadful beauty out with sensitivity, a love can let your heart filled with ocean of clarity and clearness, so you can draw a beauty of that picture you drew, a love that's so true so pure 'coz all you think and feel is loved not even being touched... but a Love blocked your words a Love blocker of thoughts, a Love blocked a beauty like this... isn't Love but Evil.
Good Luck my good wishes are with you....