Life, is but a fleeting moment, and it keeps passing by ominously, while we listlessly let it be, engaging in the fruitless task of associating profound meaning with trivial arguments, cajoling ourselves into believing that the world as we know it shall end if we do not arduously engage in the battle at hand.
I mean seriously, we would hardly remember the reason for this rife a few years down the line. But then again, inexperienced that I am in the matter of relationships, what do I know of the world out there. People not wanting to live with someone can use laughable arguments like too much snoring to push for separation, and Lord knows, the situation in which we are and what we have gone through, I can be nothing but amazed that you still consider me good enough to be with after all that you have gone through because of me.
But then again sometime I wonder whether you really want to be with me,  or whether I am just the crutch that you no longer find value in but still are too used to, or if you are just bidding your time, waiting to strike us off the charts given the right opportune moment. I guess only you can know for sure, and I have doubts if even you do. But whatever be the truth, and whatever the future may hold for us, I want you to know that I want to thank you and Moanu from the very core of my heart and soul for trying to be with me, inspite of everything you say and show, to tirelessly bear me, even though every fabric of your reality is screaming out 'no more'.
I do not know what awaits for me in the future, but I do know for sure that my life ends the day both of you are not a part of it. It is not that I am used to you, and I assure you that the boy who can adjust and be like water in any situation is long dead. The only reality in my life is, inspite of my slip ups and mistakes, for the past so many years, I have irrevocably bound my happiness to yours, my failures to your dissatisfaction, my ascension to your ideals, and my life to your presence. I do not know if it is foolish or if this is love, but I do know that whatever you call it, that's my truth, and it shall be so for as long as I breathe.

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