Broken Mirror

Shattered into a million pieces,
Every time I scramble
To collect and piece together
Just enough of them
To help you see yourself clearer
Every time you glance towards me
But try as I may
The pieces of my former self
Do not stay together
Long enough for me to rebuild myself
And attempt to attain
My lost beauty, lost forever
My efforts too lost in vain.
Cast me away
O' beautiful princess
Do not look at yourself
Through the ugly mist that I am
A thing of beauty
I wish one day
You see yourself
And believe in
Who you truly are
Not just what you see through me.
Let me be just a mirage in your life
Keep me in your memories
As the gleaming polished mirror
you fell in love with
And gave place in your heart and home
Not the motley of shattered pieces
I have become now
Which can't reflect anymore
Rather just poke your soft heels
And make them bleed
Every time you don't walk away.

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