Straight from the heart.

My life changed
the day I first saw you.
I did'nt know it then
and basked away the days
merry and gay
till the day you moved away
taking a part of me with you.

Years passed,
old wounds started to heal
my heart I could again feel
and then we met again
but some things never change
and I fell for you again.
Curse me!
I should've confessed
and opened my heart to you.
God knows I tried,
maybe succeeded once or twice.
to overimpose,
I let it all pass
and you floated away
on the sands of time.

I swore,
never to trust my heart again
and buried these crime scene memories
deep in my personal love garden.
Sometimes my nights were haunted
but at least the days were fine
and O' beautiful friend,
I took your own advice,
tried and am trying
to move on.
I felt better after a very long time
liked your strategy
and took life on
as it was thrown my way
day by day,
mile by mile,
and was quite happy about myself until
you called again!

Why me?
For I finally believe in destiny
and if you feel the way that I do,
then this itself is our destiny.
If not,
don't bother and just let me be.

1 comment:

Debjani said...

How I comment on something
The beauty of poetry that it seems
How can any one express so beautifully
A mixture of love and sorrow frustration and relief together should be
Is it the satisfaction insida you make u cry?
Or the emptiness bound you to make u write.