Myself v1.2

When eveything seems to be going wrong for you, did you ever have that feeling that if given another shot at that time of your life, you could certainly make it better? It is of course in the nature of humans to dream about what could have happened and what he/she ought to have done. Keeping up with this line of thought, intellectual evolution of the human belief system has conjured up an idea, or thought-process if I may, to safeguard the future of an individual strong enough to improve upon his/her shortcomings, and the innate drive of humans to identify and name anything and everything provided this method of self-improvement with a name- 'resolutions'.

Mulling over these lines, I thought, "What better time to make some of my own resolutions than new year's eve?" I really did'nt have to search hard to find my first set of shortcomings. Being a resolutionary greenhorn, I thought of starting small and as personality is gaining more and more importance in the world, I though it would be ideal to fine-tune it first.

Frankly, I have never been an outwardly kind of person. I keep to myself when in the company of strangers and the process of friend-making is a really long process. My pie-hole just clams up in these situations and after a lot of hard work on my part, whatever I manage to utter even fails to qualify as a squeak! On the other side of the coin, once I befriend an individual, I am really hard-pressed to keep my mouth shut. Now news and discussions are okay, but what really keeps me going is a sort of cocktail of goofy, slapstick, friendly, and sarcastic jokes and remarks that runs strong in my family. Though made with the most innocent intentions possible, they sometimes really go over the edge.

So, I guess my new year resolution is 'to speak up when meeting strangers, and then shut up after befriending them'. I know it sounds nutty, but that's it!

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