A farewell poem!


Blessed are those people
and merry are their days
‘cause handpicked they are
by God’s own grace
to dwell with angels
and drink divine wine
basking in his glory
playing in the ‘waterfall’ of life.

But beware mere mortals!
as things this good never last
wretched will be the hour
and broken thy heart
when the archangel
spreads out her wings
and just swoops past,
leaving you aghast.

So capture in your heart’s eye
the sublime beauty while it lasts
‘cause the days will be empty
and the nights dark
and yet you shall smile,
guided by her aura
our guiding light
to sweet paradise.

1 comment:

Neelu Tripathy said...

Hi dear,

Last time u asked me to be a critic . But, you dont know that i am best at that! Nowonwards i shall be ur critique(Though i knoe criticisms cant touch poetry).

Dint know yu could be shakepearean. Poems not very clear to the layman.Thr has been used irregular rhyming which gives a notion that you r confused sumwhr and makes it abrupt in between thr.
On the whole, it gives a gud effect.Good language though...