Fly Angel Fly...

Fly angel fly
unshackled, unrestrained
soar high unto heaven
blazing away
light up the sky.
Too long
kept you captive, have I.
Too long
bled away you have, sacrificed.
Bleed no more
dear angel
sweet love
no more pain
and no more cry
fly high
beyond the cloudy sky high
unto deliverance
unto salvation
don't worry about me
its your time.
Forever miss you
I shall my love
and look up as I smile
at the brightest star,
my angel in sky.
Fly high my angel
fly high into the sky
blessed I am
to have known this life
now is your time,
take flight.
But before you go
for one last time
my love
my angel
my sweet dear life
one last moment
kiss me goodbye...