The drudgery around us simmered
as the cool breeze caught your hair.
Your breath was warm and gentle
and the ocean drowned out my fear.

The velvet sand stood ensembled
and the stars winked astray.
The moment strung on forever
and the beyond-boat world disappeared.

The enchantment of your smile was working
it swept me out into thin air.
A magical moment was upon us
I knew not, if I wasn't there.

Far away, the waves were a humming
Far away, the city spared.
The boat beneath us heaved a sigh
as gently closer I swayed.

Love drunk, a hapless haggard,
on that starry beach,
in that sultry air.
Divine elegance, your movement,
nectar sweet, your ambiance.
Hold on I could no more,
drawn in I was mystically,
like a dazed moth unto a flame.

Quivering lips finally made contact,
my heart pounding in my ear,
a million million sparks exploded,
as I gave in to the experience,
mind, body, soul, and tears.

‘Twas that night that meld us together,
together unto all our years.
Sweet children of the silver starlight,
souls intertwined in divine matrimony,
one for two, and two for one,
like the wee straddlers on our hands.

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