you lie by my side,
in wispy strands of memories,
in soulful sighs,
in woeful heart,
in lamentous songs,
that have no start.

we cuddle together.
of a future together.

we rise after the fall.
We stumble,
we strain,
we risk it all,
surviving another doleful day,
hoping for a better start.

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Charlie Cleora said...

How many times you gonna break my heart, how many times I have to be hurt to break apart. How can I carry on, after loosing my faith. My belief that we will be together. Everyday every moment I move an inch apart. But its okay, you've your life, whats left between us are work and fights. You are not my soul mate, you are not the shoulder I lay, you are not the saviour I seek, or the one who understands me. Love is only to end. The life goes on and people change. We drift away, your life swayed, if I stick on at the same place, I will be insane. You moved away I need to move on too, but let me mourn alone without your excuses. Without your excuses.