You and I

Am lying in a corner,
am bleeding crimson red.
There's nothing that can be done now
and nothing that can be unsaid.
Our time, as it flashes by now
and all the pain that besets...

I still keep thinking about us,
the way that we were,
the way we have been,
and the way we said
to be each other's only,
the love of our lives,
forever until eternity.
And I can't even help it,
I can never stop it.
This feeling about you,
and I keep thinking about it,
just keep thinking about it all...

I wish that you and I,
could fly away together.
No we ain't gonna stop,
but at bliss land and sinner top.
You and I,
could beam at each other,
with nothing to worry about
always and forever.
Oh you and I,
with no cares of whatever
that pull us back,
pull us back to the nether-land.
You and I,
just you and I,
no you and I for me...

A teardrop rolls to its end,
everyone's gonna meet its maker.
There's nothing left to pretend,
no regrets taken to the supper.
I see your face, for one last time,
through the haze, forever mine.

And as my hand falls limp,
I still think keep thinking about it,
the time that we had had,
and all that we could have ever been.
Its just me and you,
and you and I,
beneath these stars,
and the bright blue skies.
Just you and I
wrapped in our arms,
this feeling about you,
I just keep thinking about it,
just keep thinking about it all...

Just a bagful of wishes,
and riches in joy.
An armful of peace,
for just you and I.
And the heavens may part,
let the angels all hear in.
There is no one like us
and no one that can ever be.
You and I, when we are both together,
we are the one and the only one
stronger that each other.
You and I,
just you and I,
no you and I for me...


La Cleora Ortiz said...

I started reading this piece, umm... like 5 times, different days, after taking time off and from in between. But all my attempts met failure for same reason, its painfully real creating images in front of me changing with motion captivating my emotion in boundless sorrow and numbness not letting me move ahead of second para.
WOW!! piece, indeed. But too hard to move, to breathe.

La Cleora Ortiz said...
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La Cleora Ortiz said...

A Scar - Only For You

A scar on your neck
faded from past to today
a reminder of myself
how pathetic I think I was
The possession ain't even mine
I tired to snatch from you
but left nothing but that scar.
At the back of your neck
a reminder of my past.
If you've hurt me, true!
but you've pull me through
all the lows and highs
sometimes when I have fallen down.
Jus to say am sorry
Can't explain how I feel
every time I ride your back
and see my past in your scar.

Sir Charlemagne said...

A piece of heavenly stars
wrapped around my neck,
forged in our warm hearts,
tempered in silent pecks.
The unbreakable bonds
of love and respect,
beseized upon
by a million threats,
never give way, nor sway.
Minuscule specks of dismay,
pulverise in your golden glow.
So take care honey,
don't you know,
you make me feel,
you make me glow.
And every time I swing you so,
your all in my heart,
as am in yours.
The dark past,
begone thy grays.
Lets hold our hands
and look up so,
unto distant lands
and the future's warm glow.