The Sacrosanct Liberty

There were no shots fired,
then why the very breath I take
reeks with the stench
of used gunpowder?
There is not a body in sight,
then why do I see
my fingers dipped in
dark crimson
dripping all over the place?
Something's not right,
yet everything seems to be
more beautiful
than I ever remember it to be.
I look out of the window
and the bright sun
is radiating the warm
coziness of a mother's womb.
The tender shivers
of the morning breeze
exhilarating the tresses
of the window plant
as it stretches and yawns,
opening itself
to the wonderful day to be.
The melodious carefree laughter
of the innocents running around,
embracing the bounty
that their lives would be.
I start feeling happy again,
feeling liberated from the misery and pain,
wanting to unite
with anything and everything
around and about.
I want to swing with the wild grass
growing in the distance,
want to drink in the moment
sweeter than nectar,
want to run and roll with the jolly children,
want to be the wind,
the earth and the ocean.
Beautiful dreams float in front of my eyes
as I smile and shrug away
the disappointment and the anger,
the resentment and the frustration.
I take a step towards the open window,
beckoning me onward to a better future.
Every step I take
takes me ever more higher
I rise slowly
closer to living my dream
towards attaining my desires.
As I float out of the window
I hear a dull thud behind
I nod on, knowing
that am off to a better place
leaving the monster,
my nemesis, the Lucifer,
far far behind...

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