The Lament

I wanna talk so bad,
but just dunno what to say.
Come to think about it,
what I did,
keeps going on in replay
in my mind, but benumbed
by what happened,
I relive the moments
and yet still,
can't grab on to
anything that went on,
its all just a haze to me,
its all just all about what may.

Flights of fancy fantasy,
I was galloping on to.
One perfect day
after a long long night,
I could envision for me and you.
But that one moment
blew it all away.
My life, my dream, my fantasy,
all just dust in the hay.

And now, seems so far away,
the distances between
stretching on to eons,
the dark thorny path
where ghosts of what has past
and ghouls of the frightful what may,
venture without dearth
and leave us no scope, no say.

I know I was bad,
I know I swerved away.
I know I deserve no chance,
I know I blew it all away.
But still I wait here,
hoping against hopeless hope,
that the clouds shall part again,
that the endless night
shall lead on to the morning rays,
that you shall find it in your heart
to try to come back to us,
to try to come again.

If I may have one more chance,
just one more anyhow, anyway,
to try to help us be us again,
to bring back, that smile and dreamy eyes
bring that all back,
bring that all back to us again.

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