Together we shall...

A little shaken but not broken,
my baby girl, its so unspoken.
The nightmare cycles in your eyes,
the ghosts and ghouls of your mind,
gorging on the fear inside,
never let you wonder why,
something stirs me to my rhymes,
when ever I feel your cries,
reverberating through the endless night,
my shoulder seeks its partner in crime.
“Where art thou?” I wonder why,
baby steps trigger the mine,
re-living the scary time,
pulling us apart inside,
forever together exhaling sighs.
Why the hurt and why the pain?
'coz little stumbles do seldom maim.
Come baby girl, I wait for thee.
Together I shall make you see,
the beautiful rainbow sparkling outside,
scented lilies and the buzzing hives.
Oh! its so wonderful outside...
Oh! its so wonderful outside...
Hold my hand and dare to step,
a single one before the next.
Slowly but surely we do move,
and one day that may be soon,
once again I shall make your heart swoon.
You shall look up into my eyes,
see the man I am inside,
see the world I wanna paint for you,
and make your heart exclaim "I do"!

Love you...forever and always...

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La Cleora Ortiz said...

Top Score... After a long time. Awesome!!