Fallen Soldier

I raise my hand up against the sun
and watch the moist crimson beads
drip down to the parched earth,
feeding it with its liquid vitality
and becoming one with the blood of all my commorades
whose carcasses lie strewn about the battlefield.

Oh God! Where did I sin, I wonder
as I desperately try to patch up
whats left of my shredded heart.
The Dark angel, sensing that my time was near
swoops down and with a gentle, caring hand
scoops me up and ever so softly
kisses me on the forehead.

With the very last iota of my strength
I claw furiously
scratching her pearly skin to the core
"Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!...Wicked witch!
let me die happy
show me some sign of humanity
or at least some pain.
Let me know
that all of us didn't die in vain,
that the beauty we once loved
wasn't unattainably divine.
Let a dying man believe
that if he'd tried harder
he'd have achieved
his true purpose in life
the very reason he is dying."

But all she does is smile
bends down
and puts her lips to mine
"Leave, you'll never understand....just let it be"
Her unmistakable voice resonates within me.
And with that my vision blurs
my hand drops
and she closes my eyes
for the very last time.

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