Your First Song

Your first song
came as a sweet blow of wind
and took my heart away in the end
it was soothing to my ears
as while listening to it my heart shifted gears
it was like a sweet journey of life
for which I was waiting since while
it was like those mushy grains of sand
which flows everywhere on waves' command
it was like a star-studded moonlit night
when it showers on us its glowing delight
it was like a smooth foggy morning
when dew drops kisses the leaves in the spring
it was like an innocent aroma of soil after rain
which I wish to hear again, and again and again
your first song was just a punishment for you
but for me it was a lifetime dream come true
your song was a music to my ears
which I am not gonna forget for infinite years
now I wish for one thing dear
keep that sweet voice close to my ear.

The above piece is a soft, heart-warming piece of art by a very close friend of mine. Going through it people, you would be hard pressed to believe me if I tell you, that its just his second poem!

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