Shiver me timbers!

The world is changing, and I am a part of it. There be no denying that. The bad is the new good, and the good has become the new bad. There be no right and wrong in this world. What matters is what you do and whom you do it with. Send the morality of things to the gallows and keep it simple. Complications are, by and large, unnecessary and unwanted. Take what you can and give nothing back 'cause loony lummoxes rule the age. Innocence is naught but a hazy memory, a pleasant yet unaccounted for thought, its last vestiges left buried deep inside none but the very ancient bedtime stories. The deranged gimmicks of intellectually warped minds is all that remains. The faint yet warm fingers of true love shine through at random places, fighting a lost battle, from under the ever darkening envelope of lust. Avast! There be nothing left for us to do but weigh anchor, hoist the sails and let the winds of time blow our bones away.

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