Indian a-la-carte'

Though being a self-confessed food-lover, this write-up has nothing to do with the palate.
Actually a few dust-gathering chords in my otherwise latent brain were struck a week ago when I (accidentally) witnessed a procession. Well, getting to the point, the parade, if I may say, was supposed to be one protesting against "Female Foeticide". A noble cause without doubt. However the pin in my back pricked when I found that one could get the above conclusion from one and only one place- the so-called leading banner carried at the head of the rally. I was kinda, well not surprised really, but saddened when I didn't get anything against the social evil in audio or visual form from the rallyists. All one could get outta them were chants about the greatness of a leading political party of the country and its leaders. In fact, the party banner almost covered up the aforementioned banner.
Now I had heard earlier about country goin to rags n stuff, about masses getting into processions and all jus to get a square meal promised at its end. Having such a first-hand experience as I had that day, I really don't believe these ideas to be too fantastic. Makes me really think where the hell this country's headin to. Well as they say, in India, everything jus exists...better not ask the how question, cause nobody can really answer you!

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